How can you protect your organization from CYBERCRIMINALS?

With award-winning Avira detection technology to protect against malware. Many companies face immense challenges in times of a constantly evolving threat landscape, an ever increasing number of cyberattacks, and a growing lack of IT specialists. Cybercriminals are upping their game and developing increasingly more complex and sophisticated new malware types: Cryptominers are sapping company resources and going unnoticed in their quest to siphon off computing power, ransomware is hijacking data and holding it for ransom, and virtually invisible fileless super Trojans are embedding themselves in systems. Once hackers have set their sights on them, no company is too big or too small to escape their clutches – with no industry left untouched.

Thanks to its advanced technology, Avira is always one step ahead of the cybercriminals – and has been for over 30 years. A combination of AI, machine learning, and cloud analysis automates its detection technology, allowing mountains of data to be analyzed in 8,000 dimensions and scanned for typical patterns and anomalies. This enables threats to not only be detected and stopped in near real time, but also predicted. Together with Avira you too can get a head start on the hackers in this endless head-to-head race, and in doing so arm yourself against any attack scenario.

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