About Us

With the increasing sophisticated Cyber-attacks that cost billions of dollars globally affecting not only to the private corporations but also to government and non-government corporations. Traditional IT Security solutions is not enough to combat these stealth and sophisticated online crimes conducted by malware operators.

Securezone Solutions, Co. started as an IT Security company focusing on Endpoint Security like Antivirus, Data Loss Prevention, Device Control Management and Encryption software. With more than a decade experience of both gateway and endpoint security handling local and multinational corporation, we have seen how these malware operators (Hackers) by-passed the traditional IT Security products. Our actual experience in the field of Cyber Security is very reason why businesses, government, non-government organizations and educational institutions will entrust the security of their IT Network Environment to us.

Our Mission

To help and assist businesses on preserving their most valued assets to ensure the continuity of their business.

Our Vision

To be one of the most trusted Cyber-security provider and adviser in the country.