Business Data Security

A comprehensive data security concept must consider all end devices and all data paths in a corporate network – such as the CAFE management principle of EgoSecure.


The CAFE management principle focuses on all end devices and all data paths and solves the data security problems through the intelligent interaction of the following functions:

CONTROL:  Defines which user may use which data paths. Only employees who really need them for their work have access to sensitive data.

AUDIT:  Logging proves violations of laws and regulations and ensures a conscious handling of data. This is an important requirement in the context of IT compliance.

FILTER : Separates critical from non-critical data types. Data types that have lost nothing in the company are reliably blocked.

ENCRYPT:  CA and F. ensure that only authorized employees can access data and applications that are relevant to their work. If legitimately used data is then still encrypted, all-round protection also exists in the event of intentional data theft or negligent data loss.

MANAGEMENT:  Intelligent and centralized management ensures that the functions are easy to install, easy to use and easy to administer by the users.
Antivirus, mobile device management, iOS and Android device integration, cloud application security, and endpoint power management complete a holistic and efficient security policy.

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