Secure Your Company Assets

Tasks we solve

  • Timely employee monitoring and risk groups defining.
  • Prevent data leaks and insider threats.
  • Reveal disloyal employees and fraud schemes.
  • Investigate information security incidents.
  • Employees time tracking.
  • Staff efficiency evaluation.


  • Complexity – StaffCop helps solve tasks on information security, control of business-processes and employees efficiency, and also features tools for remote administration.
  • StaffCop Enterprise is a fully integrated solution which doesn’t require purchasing any additional third-party software and database;
  • High speed of processing data and building reports due to the hybrid database mode allow to use ClickHouse and PostgreSQL simultaneously;
  • Architecture is built on the modern technologies and provides scalability and relatively low hardware requirements.
  • Low implementation and ownership cost, fast ROI.

USB Device Control & USB Lock Down