Security as a Service

All businesses, big and small, have to deal with the constant cyber attacks.

Malware — Short for malicious software, malware can refer to any kind of software, no matter how it’s structured or operated, that “is a designed to cause damage to a single computer, server, or computer network. Worms, viruses, and trojans are all varieties of malware, distinguished from one another by the means by which they reproduce and spread. These attacks may paralyze computer or network inoperable, or grant the attacker root access to control your system remotely.

Phishing — Phishing is a technique by which cybercriminals craft emails to fool a target into taking some harmful action. A tricked into downloading malware that’s disguised as an important document urging the recipient to click on a link that takes them to a fake website where they’ll be asked for sensitive information like bank usernames and passwords. Many phishing emails are relatively crude and emailed to thousands of potential victims, that are specifically crafted for valuable target individuals to try to get them to part with useful information.

How can you protect your business data from Malware and Phising attacks?

You have to options:

A. Hire  in-house IT Security officer that can manage your network security environment.

  1. Gateway Security – Firewall
  2. Endpoint Security – Antivirus, Data Loss Prevention, Encryption
  3. File Back-up

B. We can manage your network security environment by:

  1. Setting up a Gateway Security
  2. Installing Endpoint Security Software
    1. Antivirus Software
    2. Data leak prevention

Why will you go for SECaaS: Security as a Service?

  1. We are cyber- security expert with more than 25 years experience combined.
  2. We utilize high quality cyber-security solutions.
  3. We can design a cost efficient network security set-up that fits to your current security requirements.

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