Why Choose USB-Lock-RP Device Control?

USB-Lock-RP Device Control is the strongest endpoint security software solution specialized in controlling USB devices access to networked SCADA, ICS and PCs, in the market today. It protects a broad range of Windows Operating Systems, servers and station (NT 10 to NT 5.1) from incoming and outgoing of data by means of:

Device Control Protection Scope: USB, eSATA and Firewire removable drives, mobile phones, MTP portable devices, Smart Cards, Compact discs, and Bluetooth, IrDA, Wi-Fi transceivers, as well as badUSBs such as USB Rubber Ducky devices that can inflict keystroke injection attacks by HID Impersonation.

Straightforward: Start protecting your network endpoints in minutes. Very easy to operate. Protection scope is divided in 4 sectors; just select a client machine and press the desired lock to keep threats away.

Strong: Prevents Zero-day USB-based exploit from entering your systems. Blocks Incoming and outgoing of data. Authorized Devices Hardware IDs working storage is AES 256 variable key, variable initiation vector CBC Mode encrypted. Prevents Devices Hardware ID spoofing.

Centrally managed: Easy authorize specific usb removable drives and specific smart phones on specific endpoints or on all endpoint computers in the network and block the rest. Prevents unauthorized USB devices and other Removable Media from accessing the operating systems in your Network infrastructure.

Real-time endpoint security: Set or change security measures and automatically receive and log details on blocked, and authorized devices as they are plugged into endpoints in real-time. As well as records of files transferred from endpoint computers to authorized USB thumb drives.

Personalized: Presents informative alerts screens at client computers upon blocking devices, screens presented at endpoint computers (clients) are personalized with end-user organization logo.

Smart: Designed not to interfere with the use of non storage capable peripherals, but detects and protects against keystroke injection and malicious payload attacks by devices such as USB Rubber Ducky that impersonate HID keyboards.

Aware: Monitoring of authorized usb thumb drives file extractions and capable of sending these records to an SMTP email within your domain in real-time. Function allows for TLS or SSL transmission protocols.

Portable USB Encryption: Protects information contained on authorized USB Thumb drives by optionally forcing AES 256 encryption of all transferred data to authorized USB devices.

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